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We make available two examples of runs of the PM code with data analysis which you can use for comparison with your own results if that is desired. The first example has files for the test with 323 particles and 1283 mesh. The second example is for 1283 particles and 2563 mesh. Both tests were done for a $\Lambda$ CDM model with h = 0.7 .

These are available as two separate tar files with all results or you can also grab individual result files. Since the output data files for the second example are quite large, the tar file for this case does not include these data files. The full set of files from the 323 example can be downloaded from . The files from the 1283 example (without data files) can be downloaded from: . Individual output files from the two cases can be downloaded from: and . We especially recommend looking at the output plots (*.ps.gz).

Jon Holtzman