Rotation Curves of Dark Matter Dominated Galaxies


swaters1.gif (11946 bytes)  Swaters et al. 2000


van den Bosch & Swaters (2000): high-quality HI rotation curves

Good fits: UGC6446.gif (11779 bytes) UGC 6446: C=7-15 alpha=-1 Vcirc=60km/s 

        Curves on left: M/L=0,2,4. 

        Curves on right: M/L=1, slope= 0(solid) -1(short-dash). HI: dot-short-dash). Stars: dot-long-dash


  Bad fits:  UGC5414b.gif (12595 bytes) UGC 5414: Vcirc=60km/s nothing fits (even a flat core alpha=0)

Conclusion: 70% are fit with LCDM, the rest can not be fit with anything.

Halpha curves

NGC5585.gif (9578 bytes)  NGC5585 (old)    5585Rotation.gif (17524 bytes) Blais-Oullette et al (99): 

  NGC3109                                       3109Rotation.gif (14434 bytes) Blais-Oullette et al (2000) 3109photo.jpg (89253 bytes)



  ngc247.gif (8075 bytes)   NGC 247  van den Bosch ngc3109.gif (7556 bytes) NGC 3109: difficult situation     










ngc5585C7.gif (12016 bytes) C=7      ngc5585C12.gif (11489 bytes) C=17  ngc5585C12.gif (11489 bytes) C=12 NGC5585: new results


NGC3109C13b.gif (9340 bytes) Moore et al style       NGC3109C12.gif (12573 bytes) NGC3109: HI results, asymmetric drift, magnetic fields


bottema1.gif (23197 bytes)  bottema2.gif (9639 bytes)  Bottema 1993 (stellar velocities)


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