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Athens: Acropolis

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17parthenon.JPG (95410 bytes) S_Grec0014.JPG (125514 bytes) S_Grec0017.JPG (128190 bytes) Parthenon. It was constructed in 447-438 B.C. by Callicrates. Sculptures were made by Phidias. The temple is made of Pentelic marble. It sizes are 69.5m x 30.9m x 13.7m

S_Grec0020.JPG (132347 bytes) The Ionic temple of Athena Nike. The white marble temple was build by Callicrates. It was build after Pericle's death between 427 and 424 B.C. In1687 the Turks destroyed the temple and used the marble to reinforce the bastion of the Propylaea (entrance to the Acropolis). The temle was restored in 1835.

S_Grec0024.JPG (155898 bytes) Columns of the temple of Olympian Zeus with Acropolis in the background. Construction of the temple begun in 515 B.C. by Peisistratos. In 124-125 A.D. the emperor Hadrian completed the temple. Of original 104 columns, only 16 remain today.

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Santorini Island

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