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NRAO Astronomy/Astrophysics on the Internet

Astronomy and Astrophysics (at MIT)

CDS: catalogs

CDS: tables published in astrophysical journals

ADS: catalogs

The Galaxy Page

Units Conversion


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astro-ph (new)

astro-ph archive

ADS: Abstract Service


Astrophysical Journal on line

Astrophysical Journal Yellow Pages


Astronomical Journal on line (papers from 12/08/94 are available)

New Astronomy

Annual Reviews of Astronomy & Astrophysics (94, 95, 96)

Princeton Observatory Preprints


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ADS Digital Library

Information & On-line Data in Astronomy

Nick Strobel: Introductory Astronomy Notes

Calvin Hamilton: Views of the Solar system

Statistical Consulting for Astronomy

History of Mathematics


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Astronomy Departments (NRAO link)

StarWorlds: Astronomy and Related Organisations

Sternberg Astronomical Institute










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N-body/Particle simulation methods

Large-Scale Structure on the net

Cosmology Research Groups:

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Berkeley CMB group (Joe Silk's group)

CMB Astrophysics Research Program (George Smoot's group)

CNOC galaxy survey

European Cosmology Network

NASA/Fermilab theoretical astrophysics group

The VLA FIRST Survey

Grand Challenge

MIT Theoretical Cosmology group

High-redshift supernova project


Cosmology Group in University of Kansas

Laboratory for Computational Astrophysics (NCSA)

Las Campanas Redshift Survey

Los Alamos National Laboratory - Theoretical Astrophysics

Marc Davis' research group at Berkeley

The Mark III Collaboration

Microlensing Dark Matter Search Projects: MACHO, EROS, UKDMC

MPA Cosmology Group

NASA/Fermilab Theoretical Astrophysics Group

Sloan Digital Sky Survey server and SDSS description

University of Pennsylvania Cosmology and Astrophysics (Paul Steinhardt and others)

The Canadian Network for Observational Cosmology

University of Sussex Research Groups:LSS, Early Universe, Numerical LSS, Galaxy Formation

Uppsala Galaxy Group ( QSO Hosts, etc.)


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StarHeads: Astronomers and related people

Search for astronomy people (SAI, Moscow)

E-mail addresses list of about 11000 astronomers

Finding e-mail addresses

E-mail address search(more than 1000000 entries)

E-mail directory (RGO)

Nobel-Prize in Physics (1901-1994)

Abel Tom

Antonuccio Vincenzo

Aretxaga Itziar

Bagla Jasjeet

Bahcall John

Barnes Joshua

Baugh Carlton

Bertschinger Edmund

Bode Paul

Bouchet Franšois

Boyle Brian

Bower Richard

Broeils Adrick

Bureau Martin

Burkert Andreas

Carlberg Ray

Cen Renyue

Charlton Jane

Croft Ruppert

Colberg J÷rg

Coles Peter

Connolly Andrew

Couchman Hugh

Songaila Antoinette

DaveÚ Romeel

de Blok Erwin

Dekel Avishai

Dubinski John

Ebeling Harald

Gnedin Nickolay

Governato Fabio

Gross Michael

Hu Wayne (IAS)

Hudson Mike

Hut Piet

Icke Vincent

Jenkins Adrian

Jones Bernard

Khokhlov Alexei

Koo David

Kormendy John

Liddle Andrew

Lyth David

Lobanov Andrei

MacFarland Tom

Mamon Gary

MartÝnez Vicent

McMahon Richard

Moore Ben

Navarro Julio

Nolthenius Richard

Padovani Paolo

Pearce Frazer

Rhee Myung-Hyun

Salmon John

Scharf Caleb

Schechter Paul

Smoot George

Splinter Randall

Steinmetz Matthias

Strauss Michael

Summers Frank

Sutherland Will

Szalay Alex

Tegmark Max

Teuben Peter

Thomas Peter

Tittley Eric

Trager Scott

Tsarevsky Gregory

Warren Michael

Weinberg David

Wei▀ Arno

West Michael

White Simon D.M.

Vogt Nicole

Xu Guohong

Yepes Gustavo

Zaritsky Dennis

Astronomical Images:

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Astronomy Picture of the Day

HST Public Pictures

Astronomical Digital Image Library (NCSA)

Sky View

A Catalog of images of 113 nearby galaxies (Princeton)

Distribution of galaxies in the Universe (collection of pictures).

Star Map online

Web Nebulae


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STScI: Press Releases

Space Calendar (JPL)

Physics News


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Conferences and Meetings:

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International Astronomy Meetings (CADC)

International Astronomy Meetings (CFHT)