Mexico City - presidential palace

Xochicalco: ancient city -- pyramids

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S_Mex0001.JPG (114008 bytes) Ancient solar observatory. Sunlight is coming through a cylindrical whole in the ceiling of a large cavern, which was dug in a basement of a pyramid. The observatory works as a camera-obscura: image of the sky is focused on the floor of the cavern.

S_Mex0011.JPG (121502 bytes) S_Mex0012.JPG (89125 bytes) View of the city     S_Mex0035.JPG (74008 bytes) View from Xochicalco

Mex0011.JPG (1153562 bytes) Mex0012.JPG (1003373 bytes) High resolution pictures (1.2Mb)

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Mex0014.JPG (1302167 bytes) Mex0015.JPG (1342435 bytes) Mex0019.JPG (1406108 bytes) High resolution pictures (1.2Mb)

S_Mex0018.JPG (162877 bytes) Playgrounds. Somebody says that loosers loose their lives. Hmm

 S_Mex0017.JPG (116056 bytes) Ruins. Looks like a labyrinth.

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S_Mex0006.JPG (93320 bytes) S_Mex37.JPG (113944 bytes)Views of the city.

S_Mex0007.JPG (87334 bytes) S_Mex0008.JPG (85157 bytes) S_Mex0009.JPG (65410 bytes) S_Mex0010.JPG (89641 bytes) Cathedral Mex0008.JPG (1149584 bytes) Mex0009.JPG (1004881 bytes) 1.2Mb images

S_Mex0023.JPG (65281 bytes) S_Mex38.JPG (68323 bytes) S_Mex39.JPG (86852 bytes) S_Mex40.JPG (55548 bytes) Details of the cathedral

S_Mex0004.JPG (96297 bytes) S_Mex0005.JPG (129790 bytes) Street market

Caverns in a place, which I can neither pronounce or spell right.

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Churches of Mexico

S_Mex0009.JPG (65410 bytes) Taxco   S_Mex0024.JPG (55706 bytes) Tonantzintla (Puebla) Mex0024.JPG (794134 bytes) 1.2Mb image

S_Mex0027.JPG (58534 bytes) S_Mex0002.JPG (86683 bytes) S_Mex0028.JPG (71615 bytes) Puebla               Mex0027.JPG (1063399 bytes)