Massive Star Formation and the Interstellar
Medium in Nearby Galaxies

Recent Publications

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Searching for Luminous Blue Variables in Nearby Galaxies. - 1998 King, N. L., Walterbos, R. A. M., & Gallagher, J. S., to appear in IAU Symposium No. 193, `"Wolf-Rayet Phenomenon in Massive Stars and Starburst Galaxies"

Discovery of Candidate Luminous Blue Variables in M31. - 1998 King, N. L., Walterbos, R. A. M., & Braun, R., ApJ, 507, 210

The Warm Ionized Medium in Spiral Galaxies: A View from Above - Rene A. M. Walterbos 1997, Invited Talk at the "AAO/UKST Galactic Plane H-alpha Survey" International Workshop, Sydney, Australia, in press

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