Massive Star Formation and the Interstellar
Medium in Nearby Galaxies


Rene Walterbos - Optical, HI, IR and x-ray imaging of spiral galaxies; the ISM of external galaxies.

Current Graduate Students:
Joseph Helmboldt - Low Surface Brightness Galaxies, High Velocity Clouds

Former Graduate Students:
Bruce Greenawalt - (1998) - Diffuse Ionized Gas in Nearby Galaxies
David Thilker - (1999) - HI Shells
Vanessa Galarza - (1999) - Abundances in the ISM
Nichole King - (1999) - Windy Stars

Charles Hoopes - (2000) - The Ionization of the Diffuse Ionized Gas

Nick Devereux - Star formation in spiral galaxies; IR and millimeter wave observations of the ISM in spiral galaxies.

Graduate Student:
Salman Hameed - Star formation in early type spirals