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Jeremy Emmett

Jeremy Emmett
Graduate Students

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Expertise: Planetary Science




I completed a B.A. degree in astrophysics and mathematics in 2014 at the University of Colorado, Boulder.

I have worked with Dr. Nick Schneider, the lead instrument scientist for the Imaging Ultraviolet Spectrograph (IUVS) on the Martian MAVEN spacecraft. I used the NASA SPICE toolkit to predict observational geometry for the IUVS instrument to determine optimal times for observations of Martian aurorae and to estimate signal-to-noise ratios for potential observations.

I also developed a program to simulate IUVS spectra outputs based on observing an idealized, continuous spectrum of Martian airglow, given the instrumental properties of the instrument and camera.

As part of an observational astronomy course, I observed with the 3.5-meter telescope at Apache Point Observatory and reduced ARCES echelle spectrograph data to measure confirm the presence of methane in the atmosphere of Titan.

My current research interests are centered around observational astronomy and planetary physics. I began my graduate studies in August 2014 working with Dr. Jim Murphy as a member of the planetary research group. I use temperature and aerosol meridional cross sections constructed from MRO Mars Climate Sounder data, in conjunction with the NASA Ames Mars General Circulation Model, to diagnose diabatic meridional circulation in the atmosphere of Mars.


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