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Jodi Berdis

Jodi Berdis
Graduate Students

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AY 212

Expertise: Planetary Science, Ice Spectroscopy



I’m a sixth year graduate student in the Astronomy Department at New Mexico State University. I’m a NASA Harriett G. Jenkins Graduate Fellow under the ASTAR (Advanced STEM Training and Research) Fellowship issued through the NASA Education Minority University Research & Education Project (MUREP). I spend the academic year at NMSU, and my summers at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California. I am focusing on the spectroscopic analysis of crystalline and amorphous water ice on Europa in order to determine what processes have been affecting its surface. The fraction of crystalline to amorphous water ice is dependent upon the thermal properties of the ice, its radiation environment, and geophysical processes (such as cryovolcanism and plumes), and I’m investigating how these contribute to altering the surface’s crystallinity.

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Spring 2017 – Astronomy 110 Distance Education TA

Fall 2016 – Astronomy 105 TA

Spring 2016 – Astronomy 105 TA

Fall 2015 – Astronomy 105 TA