Colloquium : Jonathan Fortney (UCSC)

September 24, 2021

03:45 PM - 05:00 PM



Beyond Equilibrium Temperature: The Atmosphere/Interior Connection in Transiting Giant Planets

Since the discovery of hot Jupiters over 25 years ago, modelers and observers have tended to think about the prospects of classifying these close-in giant planet atmospheres as largely being driven by the flux from the parent star, which dictates many aspects of atmospheric temperatures. This is often parameterized by the “equilibrium temperature,” assuming the planet is in energy balance with its star. However, an assessment of the hot Jupiter population suggests that flux coming out of the giant planet’s interior, the “intrinsic temperature,” may also play a large role in impacting atmospheric chemistry and circulation. Furthermore, for “warm Jupiters,” below 1000 K, beyond the typical hot Jupiter population, a host of effects due to non-equilibrium chemistry, vertical mixing, and interior cooling make the connection to the deep interior even more important in dictating atmospheric abundances. We will discuss these issues in light up upcoming JWST observations.

Adam Smith