Colloquium - Dr. David Jones

December 03, 2021

03:15 PM - 05:00 PM


BX 102

If the SH0ES fit: Searching for New Physics with Local Measurements of the Hubble Constant

Abstract: Apparent tension in the Hubble constant (H_0) between the local distance ladder and the cosmic microwave background points toward a significant problem in the LCDM cosmological model.  To better understand this tension, the SH0ES team is improving the local measurement of H0 by 1) increasing the precision of geometric anchor distances used to calibrate the luminosity of Cepheid variables, 2) doubling the sample of galaxies with both Cepheids and SNe Ia that are used to calibrate the SN Ia luminosity, and 3) improving the fidelity of the low-redshift SN Ia sample used to measure H0 through new surveys and revised selection criteria.  I will give a preview of the next SH0ES analysis, to be submitted in the coming weeks, which will reduce nearly every current systematic uncertainty in the local measurement of H0.

Joe Burchett