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Adam J. R. W. Smith

Adam J. R. W. Smith
Graduate Students

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adjsmith at
1 (575) 646-1057
AY 217

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Expertise: Exoplanets



Adam's research revolves around exoplanets and exoplanet characterization. He has an interest in direct imaging methods, and works with radial velocity data and the intersection of both detection methods.


  • Smith et al. (2020) “Detecting and Characterizing Water Vapor in the Atmospheres of Earth Analogs through Observation of the 0.94 μm Feature in Reflected Light”
  • Smith et al. (2021) "Utilizing a Database of Simulated Geometric Albedo Spectra for Photometric Characterization of Rocky Exoplanet Atmospheres"

Meetings Attended

  • AAS 231, 233, and 235
  • SEEC Symposium, Fall 2019

Teaching and Outreach Activities