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Farhanul Hasan

Farhanul Hasan
Graduate Students

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Expertise: Circumgalactic Medium, Galaxy Formation and Evolution, Computational and Numerical Astrophysics



I started the PhD program at NMSU in 2018, after graduating with a physics degree from Reed College. I am interested in galaxy formation and evolution, focusing on the distribution of gas at small and large distances from galaxies and how that affects the evolution of galaxies. The nature and evolution of these gaseous ecosystems are imprinted in absorption lines in the spectra of background quasars, which I have been analyzing for the past few years. Currently, I am working on CosmoVis (, a state-of-the-art web-based software for the visualization of cosmological simulation data in 3D. Our work with CosmoVis to better understand the structure of galactic ecosystems including the circumgalactic medium (CGM) and intergalactic medium (IGM) and the gaseous and galactic distributions on larger scales of the universe, i.e. the cosmic web.

Outside of work, I like to hike, climb rocks, cook, play bass, melodica, ukulele, and compose and record music.

My Publications

Hasan, F., Churchill, C. W., Stemock, B., Nielsen, N. M., Kacprzak, G. K., Croom, M., Murphy, M. T. “Evolution of CIV Absorbers. II. Where Does CIV Live?” The Astrophysical Journal, Volume 924, Number 1, Page 12, Jan 2022.

Hasan, F., Churchill, C. W., Stemock, B., Mathes, N. L., Nielsen, N. M., Finlator, K., Doughty, C., Croom, M., Kacprzak, G. K., Murphy, M. T. “Evolution of CIV Absorbers. I. The Cosmic Incidence” The Astrophysical Journal, Volume 904, Number 1, Page 44, Nov 2020. 

Hasan, F., Crocker, A. “Galaxies and Supermassive Black Holes in the local universe I: The Velocity Dispersion Function” submitted to The Astronomical Journal. Apr 2019.