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Juie Shetye

Juie Shetye
Assistant Professor

Contact Info
jshetye at

Expertise: Solar atmosphere, Sun-Earth Connections, Spicules and Swirls, MHD waves




Dr Shetye's main area of research is solar physics. She main interests lie in observational studies of the solar atmosphere, with a focus is on the dynamic changes that occur in the lower solar atmosphere. In addition, she is working towards developing smart detection methods to understand varying of the solar atmosphere. These techniques when in fruition can be applied to weather patterns, storm patterns across the solar system.


Solar atmosphere, Sun-Earth Connections, MHD waves, Spicules and Swirls. 

Current and Recent Graduates:

Oana Vesa (3rd Year)

Amanda Stricklen (2nd Year)

Khagendra Katuwal (1st Year)


Dr Shetye teaches the following undergraduate courses.
Astr1120G The Planets (Spring 2021)
Astr301 Revolutionary Ideas in Astronomy (Fall 2021)
She brings a unique style to her teaching that involves catering to the different learning styles of her students. Often this involves using creative methods to answers a concept. Her work combines art and science.

Selected recent publications (student authors denoted by *)

  • The nature of high-frequency oscillations associated with short-lived spicule-type events - Shetye, J et al APJ (in press)

  • Unveiling the magnetic nature of chromospheric vortices- Murabito M, Shetye, J. et al. AnA 639 A59

  • Multiwavelength High-resolution Observations of Chromospheric Swirls in the Quiet Sun – Shetye, J., Verwichte E., et al. APJ,881,1 2019.

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