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Julie Imig

Julie Imig
Graduate Students

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AY 107

Expertise: Observational Astronomy




I am currently working with Dr. Jon Holtzman on the development and stellar parameter derivation of the MaNGA Stellar Library (MaStar). Additionally, I am responsible for the daily inspection of data reduction for the APOGEE survey .


  • “SDSS-IV MaStar — A Large, Comprehensive, and Homogeneous Stellar Spectral Library,” Yan, R.; Chen, Y.; Lazarz, D.; Maraston, C.; Bizyaev, D.; Menesse-Goytia, S.; Stringfellow, G.; McCarthy, K.; Schlafly, E.; Law, D.; Imig, J.; et al. 2018 in prep.
  • “Galactic evolution of phosphorus and sulfur using star clusters,” Imig, Julie A.; Ivans, Inese I.; 2017. University of Utah Honors Thesis.
  • “Hubble Space Telescope Near-Ultraviolet Spectroscopy of Bright CEMP-s Stars,” Placco, V. M.; Beers, T. C.; Ivans, I. I.; Filler, D.; Imig, J. A.; Roederer, I. U.; Abate, C.; Hansen, T.; Cowan, J. J.; Frebel, A.; Lawler, J. E.; Schatz, H.; Sneden, C.; Sobeck, J. S.; Aoki, W.; Smith, V. V.; Bolte, M.; 2015. Astrophysical Journal, 812, 109.

Teaching and Outreach Activities

  • ASTR 110: Introduction to Astronomy. Instructors: Dr. Anatoly Klypin (Fall 2017) and Dr.
    Jason Jackiewicz (Spring 2018).

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