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Laurel Farris

Laurel Farris
Graduate Students

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Expertise: Solar Astronomy




I completed a B.S. degree in physics and astronomy in 2013 at the Missouri State University.

I completed a summer internship with Dr. Robert Patterson in 2010, making photometric observations at Baker Observatory and using differential photometry to search for variability. In 2011 I worked with Dr. Andzrej Baran to model an eclipsing binary system with a strong reflection effect using Kepler spacecraft observations. I have also conducted several observing runs at KPNO using the Mayall 4.0-meter and the 2.1-meter telescopes, and developed techniques for reducing photometric data of red dwarfs. With another student, I worked to combine fifteen year’s worth of data taken with various telescopes and filters into a data set placed within a single standardized system, focusing on data obtained with a calcium hydride filter used to distinguish red dwarfs and giant stars.

I have also worked with Dr. Serena Criscuoli at the National Solar Observatory (NSO) on the quiet sun, studying areas on the solar surface free of sunspots that do not visibly change throughout the solar cycle. I analyzed data from the Helioseismic and Magnetic Imager (HMI), one of three instruments on the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO).

My current research interests are centered around the field of solar physics. I began my graduate studies in August 2014 working with Dr. James McAteer as a member of the stellar and solar research group.



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