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Manuel Canas

Manuel Canas
Graduate Students

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I am a first-year graduate student in the Astronomy Department. I grew up in a small city named Greer, SC. That was my home until 2014, when I got accepted into the College of Charleston to work on my undergraduate degree(s). At the College of Charleston, I worked under Dr. George Chartas, studying the outflows that are commonly seen in active galactic nuclei (AGN). In 2018, I completed my undergraduate studies and moved to Wyoming to work under the beautiful night sky of Jackson Hole, WY, as a stargazing tour guide.


  • BS, Astrophysics: College of Charleston, 2018
  • BS, Physics: College of Charleston, 2018



My undergraduate research dealt with quasar outflows. Particularly, I used x-ray data to constrain various properties of these powerful outflows to determine the role they play in AGN feedback.


  1. The Variable Relativistic Outflow of IRAS13224-3809

George Chartas; Manuel H. Canas