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Reta Beebe

Reta Beebe
College Professor
Research Staff

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Expertise: NASA Planetary Data System, placeholder tag, Planets




Dr. Beebe’s research has involved interpretation of data from the NASA Planetary Exploration program. She has worked on Voyager, Galileo and Cassini data and used the Hubble Space Telescope for a Jupiter/Saturn observing program early in the mission and was a member of the Shoemaker/Levy team at the Space Telescope Science Institute in 1994.

Dr. Beebe manages the Atmospheres Discipline Node at NMSU, a part of NASA’s Planetary Data System. She is Chair of the Committee on Lunar and Planetary Exploration and a member of the Space Studies Board of the National Research Council, the operational arm of the National Academies.  She recently received the 2003 Harold Masursky Award from the Division of Planetary Sciences of the American Astronomical Society.



Selected recent publications:

Comparative Study of the Dynamics of the Outer Planets
Beebe, R. 2005, Space Science Reviews, Vol. 116, 137-154

Calibration of the Infrared Telescope Facility National Science Foundation Camera Jupiter Galileo Data Set
Vincent, M.B., Chanover, N.J., Beebe, R.F., & Huber, L. 2005, PASP, Vol. 117, 1129-1143

Observational Results Concerning Jupiter’s Great Red Spot
Simon-Miller, A., Gierasch, P.J., Beebe, R., Conrath, B., Flasar, M., Achterberg, R.K. & The Cassini CIRS Team, 2002, Icarus, Vol. 158, 249-266

Ammonia and Eddy Mixing Variations in the Upper Troposphere of Jupiter from HST Faint Object Spectrograph Observations
Edgington, S.G., Atreya, S.K., Trafton, L.M., Caldwell, J.J., Beebe, R., Simon, A.A., & West, R.A. 1999, Icarus, Vol. 142, 342-356

Jovian Stratospheric Hazes: The High Phase Angle View from Galileo
Rages, K., Beebe, R., & Senske, D. 1999, Icarus, Vol. 139, 211-226


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