Graduate Handbook

The NMSU Astronomy Department graduate handbook is a guide to the university and department resources and regulations, designed to help our graduate students through the procedures required to achieve an advanced degree in astronomy.

Prospective students with an interest in applying to our program should also find this information useful in understanding the academic requirements for both Ph.D. and M.S. degrees. Among other gems, the guide contains the following information:

  • Department facilities, including the campus observatory and the departmental computing resources

  • Astronomy, physics, and engineering graduate course offerings

  • Academic requirements for Ph.D. and M.S. programs, including typical course plans for the extragalactic, stellar, and planetary class sequences.

  • The qualification process for admission to and completion of Ph.D. candidacy work

  • Graduate assistantships

We provide a copy of the graduate handbook below: 


Archived Version of old Graduate Student Handbooks:
The archived PDF version of the previous Graduate Student Handbook can be viewed here.