Skills Database

Want to partition your hard drive and have dual boot operating systems? Want to figure out why your code is giving you that pesky seg fault? Need recommendations for good hiking spots? Who you gonna call?? Here are your answers (HINT: it’s not the ghostbusters)!

Academic Skills Experts
Windows Minje
Mac OS Farhan, Julie, Manny, Ali
Linux, shells

Drew, Minje, Farhan, Harrison, Jodi, Caitlin, Sean, Ali

IRAF Drew, Emma, Annie
Python Drew, Caitlin, Emma, Minje, Farhan, Julie, Jodi, Sarah, Alexander, Manny, Sean, Ali
IDL Drew, Laurel, Sarah, Manny
C/C++ Caitlin, Ali
Parallelization / Multi-core Processing Caitlin
github Alexander
HTML/CSS Drew, Julie, Jodi, Audrey, Caitlin
Text Editors Laurel (vim), Farhan (sublime), Caitlin, Ali (Visual Studio Code)
LaTeX Laurel, Farhan, Caitlin, Ali
MatLab Annie
Microsoft Office Minje, Sarah
Machine Learning Farhan (data mining), Alexander (tensorflow), Annie, Caitlin
Writing / Editing Drew, Farhan, Sarah, Annie, Caitlin, Ali
Telescopes Emma, David, Mark, Manny, Sean
APO Emma, David
Sunspot Sarah, Sean, David


Non-Academic Skills Experts
Building Computers Alec, Minje, Harrison, Alexander, David
Photography Emma, Mark
Photoshop / GIMP


Graphic Design Sarah, Julie
Pet Sitting Jodi, Bryson, Harrison, Sarah, Annie
Rock Climbing Drew
Hiking Drew, Jodi, Farhan, Harrison, Sarah, David
Music Farhan (bass), Audrey (violin), Alexander (flute, guitar), Bryson (piano), Alec (guitar), Sean (banjo, guitar, trumpet), Ali (guitar, bass)
Sports Matt, Farhan (soccer, running), Bryson (soccer, baseball)
Art Farhan (painting, composing poems, songs), Julie, Jeremy (acrylic & oil, pastels, charcoal), Ali (poetry,sketches, painting),
Sewing Julie
3D Printing Alexander, Julie
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