What is Inclusive Astronomy? 

Inclusive Astronomy is a discussion group that examines the cultural state of astronomy and STEM fields in general. We meet weekly to discuss how to make our field and our department a more inclusive and welcoming environment for everyone, including traditionally underrepresented and marginalized groups.

Examples of topics we discuss include diversity, inclusion, equity, intersectionality, and social issues. We promote the education of our department on these topics by providing training opportunities and giving annual presentations about our work.

Inclusive astronomy currently meets weekly via a hybrid format. 

Inclusive Astronomy Outreach telescope at New Mexico Pride, October 2018 which displays a reflecting telescope during the day time.

Outreach telescope at New Mexico Pride, October 2018


Example Projects IA has worked on: 

  • Reading and discussing the various documents that pertain to inclusive pratices in astronomy (see below).
  • Developing “Story Packages”, informational resources highlighting astronomers that embody the idea that learning takes hard work and persistence, and that everyone can do astronomy. These resources are tied to the typical astronomical objects viewed at outreach, Open House, or Campus Observatory events, and will be used at these events and in our Astronomy courses.
  • Improving accessibility for our department’s Campus Observatory.
  • Developing a Climate Survey to send to current and former members of our department, to assess the department’s environment and identify areas that need the most attention.

Discussion Documents:

Every year, we choose one document to focus our discussions around and develop projects inspired by what we read.