We sometimes get inquiries from people who believe they may have found a meteorite. If you believe you may have located one, we have compiled some resources that may be of interest to you:

Washington University in Saint Louis hosts a site with information, including a link about what to do if you think you have found a meteorite.

There is also an Institute for meteoritics at UNM

The Center for Meteorites at ASU is a great place to contact as well. One of the top 5 largest meteorite collections on the planet is in Tempe.

Our department does not specialize in this area, so it is not likely that we will be of too much assistance, e.g., if you were to bring it to us. However, we do have a staff member who is a geologist and has worked with meteorites in the past, who might be of assistance if the resources listed above still leave you desiring of additional information.