Ali Hyder

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I do computational and numerical astrophysics with a focus on the atmospheric dynamics and chemical transport on Jupiter. My work is largely theoretical, with a particular focus on diffusive transport, convective instabilities, and turbulence. I use observational constraints and numerical simulations to study the details of atmospheric mass transport, planetary energy cycles, and the distribution of trace chemical species.

The simulations from my most recent work (currently under review) can be downloaded from my GitHub.


  • Hyder, A., Li, C. & Chanover, N. 2023, Subsolar Surprises and Super-solar Signatures in Jovian Moist Convective Activity. Nature Astronomy (submitted & under review).
  • Hyder, A., Lyra, W., Chanover, N., Morales-Juberías, R., Jackiewicz, J. 2022. Exploring Jupiter's Polar Deformation Lengths with High-resolution Shallow Water Modeling. The Planetary Science Journal 3. doi:10.3847/PSJ/ac7952.
  • Stritzinger, M.D. and 8 colleagues (including A. Hyder) 2022. Hubble Space Telescope Reveals Spectacular Light Echoes Associated with the Stripped-envelope Supernova 2016adj in the Iconic Dust Lane of Centaurus A. The Astrophysical Journal 939. doi:10.3847/2041-8213/ac93f8.
  • Dahl, E.K. and 26 colleagues (including A. Hyder) 2020. Ice Giant Atmospheric Science. arXiv e-prints. doi:10.48550/arXiv.2010.08617.