FAQ - and Answers too!

Prospective graduate students usually have many questions about the universities and the graduate programs to which they apply. The application process can be overwhelming, and people sometimes forget to ask certain questions when they have the opportunity.

The NMSU Astronomy Department graduate students have thus compiled a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the department over the last few years. These Q&A sessions were categorized under the major topics about which prospective students are usually curious. For each topic, listed below, you will find a list of questions from previous prospective students and answers from current or recent graduate students. Only minor modifications have been made, such as the removal of names for the purpose of annonimity and small grammatical corrections.

A FAQ will never quite fulfill everyone’s curiosity, and written list can never replace person-to-person communication. If you would like to ask a graduate student or professor in the NMSU Astronomy Department about the application procedure, graduate program, or anything else related to our department, please feel free to ask! You may contact the main department office!