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Tortugas Mountain Observatory

Tortugas Mountain Observatory (TMO) is located on Tortugas Mountain, also known as “A” Mountain, just east of Las Cruces. The observatory is equipped with a 1967 Boller and Chivens 24″ reflector telescope. For decades the observatory was used primarily for imaging and monitoring of planetary targets such as Jupiter, in support of NASA’s Voyager space probes. Nowadays, TMO is operated both remotely and autonomously for NMSU undergraduate courses, small research projects, and monitoring of variable stars for the American Association of Variable Star Observers.

Picture of the newly refurbished Tortugas Mountain Observatory (TMO) The observatory (above), and the 24″ Boller & Chivens reflector (below, using the Cassegrain focus).

Picture of TMO's Telescope which is a 24 inch Boller & Chivens reflector

Picture of the refurbishment of TMO's telescope by NMSU engineering students.

Charlie Park (NMSU MTEC) and students performing refurbishment of the 24″ telescope