Solar and Stellar Group

Faculty and students jointly conduct research in solar physics, space weather, helioseismology, asteroseismology, galactic archaeology, and several other areas. NMSU plays a vital role in studies of the solar interior, heating of the solar atmosphere, and the study of solar storms and space weather. This uses both space-based (SoHO, RHESSI, Solar Dynamics Observatory) and ground-based (the Dunn Solar Telescope, GONG) facilities. We also work closely with the Engineering and Computer Science departments on image processing, space weather prediction, and data search and archiving. The group now operates the Dunn Solar Telescope at the Sunspot Solar Observatory.

Researchers in stellar astronomy make use of the facilities at Apache Point Observatory and are highly involved in Kepler/K2/TESS asteroseismic studies.

Members of the Solar and Stellar group include (but not limited to) the following:

Name Position
Jon Holtzman Faculty
Jason Jackiewicz Faculty
R.T. James McAteer Faculty
Juie Shetye Faculty