April Barton


BS in Physics - University of Illinois Chicago 2021 



  • Quasar Absorption Line Spectroscopy (Advisor Chris Churchill)
  • Development of Echelle Spectrograph ARCES2 (Advisors Nancy Chanover, John Wilson at UVA) 


  • Nucleosynthesis of Vanadium-51 in Type-Ia Supernovae (Advisor Claudio Ugalde)
    • Using the python-based nuclear astrophysics module pynucastro, the evolution of a network of over 100 isotopes was analyzed. To model the stellar environment, the initial composition of a carbon-oxygen white dwarf was used. The temperature and density conditions of SNe-Ia were also included to facilitate the nuclear reaction rates for the network and see how the isotopes change in abundance. Then individual nuclear rates were varied to determine which ones affected the abundance of 51V the most.


  • TA - ASTR 1115
  • TA - ASTR 1120


  • JINA-CEE Nuclear Frontiers 2022
  • 241st AAS Meeting
  • CUWiP at Argonne 2023 - 1st Place Poster Presentation


Astronomy Club at UIC: 2020-2023