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I attained my B.S. in Physics (Astrophysics Emphasis) from Texas A&M University-Commerce and completed planetary research under the advisement of Dr. Kent Montgomery. As a research assistant, I studied the rotational periods of asteroids via photometric light curves from observations using telescopes of the SARA Consortium. My undergraduate honors thesis research involved searching for transit-timing variations in Kepler, SuperWASP, and HATNet exoplanetary systems. This study utilized telescopes of the SARA Consortium and the TAMUC 0.7m Observatory to collect observational data for photometric light curves of seven candidate transiting extrasolar planets.

At NMSU, my current research outlook involves working on a project with Dr. Jason Jackiewicz investigating oscillations and atmospheric dynamics of Jupiter and Saturn via ground-based observations.


  • “Fuller,K., Sanchez, C., and Montgomery, K. “Rotational Periods and Lightcurves of Four Asteroids,” 2019, Minor Planet Bul., 46-1, 1-2

Meetings Attended

  • Texas A&M University ARS, 2019

Teaching and Outreach Activities

  • TA for ASTR 110G: Introduction to Astronomy (Fall 2020)