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Dr Shetye's main area of research is solar physics. Her main interests lie in observational and theoretical studies of jets found in the solar atmosphere. Her specialization is in the dynamics of small-scale jets that potentially contribute towards the mass and energy transfer across the solar atmosphere. She has a keen interest in developing advance observational techniques, especially at the Dunn Solar Telescope. 

Dr Shetye also manages science operations at the Dunn Solar Telescope, Sunspot Solar Observatory. 

Dr Shetye is a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society, UK. 


Solar atmosphere, Sun-Earth Connections, MHD waves. 

Current and Recent Graduates:

Oana Vesa (4th Year) : Working on formation and evolution of vortices in the solar atmosphere an. 

Amanda Stricklen (3rd Year) : Working on formation and evolution of jets found around coronal holes.

Khagendra Katuwal (1st Year 2021-2022)

Anna-Marie Conly (1st year) : Working on formation and evolution of jets along sunspot.


Dr Shetye uses Socratic method of teaching, and combines modern and ancient teaching methodologies. She is teaching: 
Astr1120G The Planets (Spring 2021, 22,23, 24  Fall 2021,22,23,24)
Astr301 Revolutionary Ideas in Astronomy (Fall 2021)
Astr 598 Post graduate research (Fall 2021) 
Astr 671 Solar Astrophysics (Fall 2024)
Dr Shetye is activate involved in science promotion and outreach. She is a part of Sun Space Arts team that combines art and science to teach space science topic. She has started this initiative in the US, with assistance from Heidi Sanchez at the Sunspot Solar Observatory.  These activities were carried at Girls-Cann school visits and the Alamogordo library. 
Dr Shetye often writes about the Sun in the Las Cruces Sun News. 


Dr Shetye's research is mainly funded by NSF's FDSS Faculty Development in the Space Sciences award (2020-2025). With additional awards from New Mexico Space Grant Consortium (2021,2022). 

Recent publications: ADS 

Social media: LinkedIn Page

Funzies: Dr Shetye participates in triathlon, swimming, cycling and running events. She has represented her country India in triathlon, swimming and running races. If she is not in the office she is busy preparing for her next event. Her favourite sports team is Arsenal, and her favourite athlete is tennis GOAT Rafael Nadal.