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I attended the University of Massachusetts (UMass) Amherst, where I got my Bachelors of Science in Astronomy & Physics in 2022.  For my honors senior thesis, I worked with Professor Katherine B. Follette of Amherst College, studying accretion variability of pre-main-sequence stars, with the goal of better understanding accretion on to the actively forming protoplanets around them.  At New Mexico State University, I will be working with Professor Jason Jackiewicz on the solar meridional flow using helioseismology.  This work will be part of a larger collaboration of solar astronomers to better understand the magnetic cycle of the Sun.  After my Ph.D. I hope to eventually become a Professor of Astronomy.

In addition to research, I have a passion for education and outreach in Astronomy.  I have had the privilege of working as an instructor, TA, and tutor for various STEM courses including:

* Introduction to Astronomy

* The Solar System

* Introduction to Robotics and Programming

* Physics

* Advanced Algebra

I have also facilitated "Hidden Figures"—a diversity, equity, and inclusion workshop of my own design, where students learn about Black and Brown scientists that are often overlooked/erased in history and contemporary times.

See my personal website for more details about my academic journey, research, teaching, and outreach.

Personal Website: https://juliom1823.github.io/