Dr. Kurt Anderson

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Dr. Anderson’s research is focused on understanding the structure of active galactic nuclei, the central regions of galaxies with active black holes.

Selected recent publications:

Photometric Accretion Signatures Near the Substellar Boundary
McGehee, P.M., West, A,A., Smith, J. A., Anderson, K.S.J., & Brinkmann, J. 2005, AJ, 130, 1752

Inner-truncated Disks in Galaxies
Anderson, K.S.J., Baggett, S.M., & Baggett, W.E. 2004, AJ, 127, 2085

New Observations of the Venus Visible Nightglow
Chanover, N.J., Anderson, K.S.J., Slanger, T.G., Cosby, P.C., Huestis, D.L. 2001, DPS, 33.1011

Bulge-Disk Decomposition of 659 Spiral and Lenticular Galaxy Brightness Profiles
Baggett, W.E., Baggett, S.M., & Anderson, K.S.J. 1998, AJ, 116, 1626

Steps toward Determination of the Size and Structure of the Broad-Line Region in Active Galactic Nuclei. XIII. Ultraviolet Observations of the Broad-Line Radio Galaxy 3C 390.3
O’ Brien etal., + 47 co-authors 1998, ApJ, 509, 163