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Dr. Neakrase’s research has involved different aspects of the martian atmosphere, specifically the movement of sand and dust on the surface of Mars. His work has involved martian seasonal polar processes, dust devil dynamics on Earth and Mars, and other types of aeolian geomorphologic processes including dune formation and migration and wind streak mapping. Ph.D. work involved experiment design with the Arizona State University Vortex Generator, Arizona State University Planetary Wind Tunnel and Planetary Aeolian Laboratory (NASA Ames) Wind Tunnel. Current research interests are martian and terrestrial dust devils, venusian dunes, and planetary aeolian sediment transport. Dr. Neakrase served as a member of the imaging team for the Mars Polar Lander in 1999, and a science team member for the extended Mars Exploration Rovers (predominately Spirit) mission in 2004-2008.

Currently Dr. Neakrase works with derived data providers with data archive preparation for the NASA Planetary Data System Atmosphere’s Node (ATM) at NMSU, where he helps to design, review, ingest, and host science data with the PDS. He has been involved with the design and roll-out of the PDS’s latest archiving standard, PDS4. Dr. Neakrase leads software design for the Educational Labeling System at Atmospheres (ELSA) web tool to aid data providers in creating labels for PDS4 archive bundles including supervising undergraduate research assistants.  

Selected recent publications:


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