Mark Croom

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NASA (ret. 2019)


  • “Measurements from an Aerial Vehicle: A New Tool for Planetary Exploration” Wright, H.S.; Levine, J.S.; Croom, M.A.; Edwards, W.C.; Qualls, G.D.; Gasbarre, J.F.  SPIE-5660-23 Remote Sensing Conference, Honolulu, HI, 2004
  • “Results from the occultation of 14 PISCIUM by (51) NEMAUSA” Dunham, E. W.; Baron, R. L.; Conner, S.; Dunham, D. W.; Dunham, J. B.; Schneider, G.; Cohen, H. L.; Helms, V. T., III; Croom, M.; Safko, J., Astronomical Journal (ISSN 0004-6256), vol. 89, Nov. 1984, p. 1755-1758. NSF-supported research., 1984

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  • 231st AAS

Teaching and Outreach Activities

Professor of Astronomy and Physics, Christopher Newport University 2014-2019